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Prof. Dr. med. Michael Winking
Neurosurgeon, Health Economist

Dr. med. Arnd Georg Hellwig

PD Dr. med. Johannes Schröder
Neurosurgeon, Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgeon

Thomas Krampulz, MD

The ZW-O Spine Center has specialised solely in the surgical treatment of spinal disorders.

Initial out patient examination and case analysis are taking place at our practice in Osnabrück situated next door to the hospital (appointment required).

If further investigations are required to aid diagnosis, we refer the patient to the appropriate service. Available treatment options are outlined in ful, and where surgery is an option, the appropriate technique is clearly explained.

Surgery is performed at the City Hospital Osnabrück. State of the art technology including operating microsope, endoscope, computer navigation, robotics, spinal neuromonitoring, CT and MRT is available.

We do provide outpatient surgery in selected cases.